The Kilimanjaro trail adventure

Tanzania – From the 18th to the 27th of feb. 2022 

“6 trails steps & the summit 5.895m in trek”

To the top of Kilimanjaro

Come and run on the summit of Africa, Kilimanjaro, and its 5.895 meters of altitude!

The acclimatisation will be done in timed running stages, two stages in the rainforest and nights in a hotel, as well as three days on the Rongaï route. An extraordinary adventure with porters, cooks, guides and nights in tents. The summit of Kilimanjaro will be trekked all together to make the most of this extraordinary day.

The last stage with its descending profile will guide us to the finish and the celebration of this memorable journey. Take part in this exceptional African, human and sporting adventure.

The optional safari will take you for two days to the famous Ngorongoro Game Reserve where you will be able to see giraffes, lions, hippos, gazelles, zebras and a multitude of birds in their natural habitat.

WELCOME TO TANZANIA, An ANIMAL kingdom opens to you!

Trip of 9 days

Silouhette de trailer

TrailRunning :

  • 129km
  • 5 800D+
  • 5 800D-
  • in 6 stages

TrailRunning ou Trekking : 

  • 84km
  • 5 800D+
  • 5 800D-
  • in 6 stages
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Your adventure number in handdossard

Concept :

    • A 6-day adventure raid in an organised setting with a passionate sporting atmosphere.
    • A sporting, cultural and emotional adventure.
    • A trail designed by us for your greatest pleasure.
    • The crossing of a striking panorama at the rhythm of your strides.
    • A journey to be made either in TrailRunning or Trekking version.

    Our Goal – your sucess :

    • Guaranteed to give you maximum pleasure, and timeless memories !

    • To accompany you in the success of this spectacular adventure, thanks to an organisation team from Nature Extrême Développement.


    • Ensure you have solid logistics :
      • The stages are marked out and checked before your arrival, with tape that we take care to remove after your passage.
      • A very good hotel, and quality campsites, to allow you to recuperate properly, and take the most pleasure.
      • A refreshment station every 8 km including: mineral water, solid energy food, fresh fruit etc. (depending on availability)

    The 2022 edition will be the first Raid organised by NED in TANZANIA.

    Benoît Laval’s stay in Tanzania made him want to show you these breathtaking landscapes !

    After being elaborated, the itineraries and routes were checked and adjusted in the field, both by the Nature Extreme Development staff and our Tanzanian correspondents during March 2020.

    Choice of courses :

    • Trail course : A 129km course in the form of a timed individual race with classification. 
    • Trek course : You also have the possibility of setting off on a gentler 84km formula, not timed with moreChoice of courses stages.

    Itineraries :

    They are given as an indication. They can be modified according to the weather conditions of the moment, technical criteria or the physical condition of the participants. In the last resort, the supervisor remains the sole judge of the programme, which he may adapt or modify for safety reasons.

    Tanzania Kilimanjaro,
    From the forest belt to Uhuru Peak.


    6-steps program

    Step 1
    Forêt du Kilimandjaro
    (1 000 à 2 000 mètres)
     Silouhette de trailer          

    20km   15km

    1 000D+   600D+

    Step 2
    Forêt du Kilimandjaro
    (2 000 à 3 000 mètres)
    Silouhette de trailer       

    20km   15km

    1 000D+   600D+


     Expe Kili 1

    Silouhette de trailer       

    12km   12km

    1 500D+   1 500D+

    Step 4
    Expe Kili 2

    Silouhette de trailer      

    22km   12km

    1 200D+   1 200D+

    Step 5
    Expe Kili 3

    Silouhette de trailer      

    20km   20km

    1 000D+   1 000D+

    Kilimanjaro Submit
    (no timed)


    1 200D+

    Step 6

    Silouhette de trailer       

    20km   20km

    1 800D-   1 800D-

    Choose your challenge !

    Silouhette de trailer TrailRuning since 5 km/h        TrailRuning or Trekking since 3,5 km/h

    Departure authorised on the days following a withdrawal
    (except for medical contraindication decided by the doctor).

    Unforgettable encounters, great moments and a race engraved in your memories, that’s the promise we make to you !



    Registration fee : 3 995 €

    Price option (2 days & 1 night) : 995 €

    9 days and 8 nights stay



    • Limited to 50 participants
    • Start from 20 participants

    The price includes :

    • Return flights (Paris – Tanzania).
    • Technical supervision by the agency and our correspondents.
    • Full board accommodation (cooks on Kilimanjaro) during the entire trip (excluding stopovers).
    • All refreshments during the stages.
    • The various transfers by minibus.

    The price doesn’t include :

    • Drinks other than those taken into account by Nature Extreme Development and more generally alcoholic drinks consumed during meals in restaurants.
    • Activities or visits other than those included in the programme.
    • Cancellation and repatriation insurance.
      The cost of any excess weight charged by the airlines is the responsibility of the participants.

    Safari option :

    On the 27th and 28th of March, we propose to extend your stay to enjoy a 2 day and 1 night safari in the Ngorongoro Park and Lake Manyara.

    You will discover the beauty of the crater and the richness of the wildlife that makes Ngorongoro a must-see after your sporty stay. This experience will take place with our local partners who will take care of you from the hotel where we will stay until your departure at the airport.

    Field organisation

    Stage markings :

    The route is marked with red and white tape, which we take care to remove after we have passed. The refreshment and control points are announced by signs every kilometre from the start to the finish. It is compulsory to clock in and out at each refreshment post.

    Field :

    The trip we propose is divided into two distinct parts. Firstly, acclimatisation on the first two stages of the trip in the heart of the forest forming a belt rich in exceptional flora and fauna around Kilimanjaro. These two stages will allow us to gain altitude gently.

    Then we will start the second part of the adventure in an “expedition” format (Expe Kili), consisting of more challenging sections with an increasingly surprising view of Tanzania and its animal kingdom.

    Assistance and security vehicles : 

    Three vehicles will be on the course ready for possible interventions. The first is reserved for marking, the second will take the doctor on board, and the third will stay behind.

    We create your trips with passion and a taste for challenge.
    you will come back with a wealth of adventures.

    Accommodation & Meals

    Accomodation :

    We will stay in a hotel for the first two nights and the last night. The other nights will be spent in a camp on Kilimanjaro. You will be on full board throughout your stay.

    • The hotel in Arusha, Moyoni Lodge, is ideally situated between Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro. This small accommodation has all the necessary comforts including a swimming pool and friendly staff.
    • The rest of the nights will be spent in camps on Kilimanjaro. The camps have all the necessary facilities for your adventure (toilets, showers, cooks, porters, etc.)

    Meals :

    • Lunches, dinners and breakfasts :

    Lunches and dinners will be taken together at the end of the stages or the day, either in the hotel or in the camps (accompanied by local cooks). Meals will be copious and adapted to the sporting efforts, even during the expedition.

    • Special diet :

    Allergies, intolerances…: make sure you take adapted dishes or food with you, as the accommodation does not always have the possibility to offer a specific kitchen.

    You will remember :

    • From the summit of Kilimanjaro at 5,895 metres and the eternal snows.

    • Nights in tents and the atmosphere of the African.

    • The variety of landscapes, savannah, savannah, equatorial forest, volcano and high altitude.
    Bhoutan Himalaya carte du monde

    « Nous n’héritons pas de la terre de nos ancêtres, nous l’empruntons à nos enfants. »

    (Maxime amérindienne reprise par Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)