Potugal – From the 23rd to the 30th of April 2022 

“from the beaches to the cliffs of the atlantic

From magmatic plutonic rocks to limestone cliffs

The raid in Portugal is an adventure trip between Sea and Mountain, as after passing the top of Mount Foïa at 902 m, the highest point of the Montchique range, we will ride along the high cliffs of the Atlantic Ocean in which colonies of gulls nest. It is also an alternation of arduous single track and rolling trails through broom and pine forests.

Along the way you’ll discover a variety of landscapes, from Mediterranean scrub garrigues on one side to oak forests in the hinterland and mountainous areas. The west side is littered with cliffs and secluded beaches, the south coast with sandy cirques and lagoons.


7 days trip

Silouhette de trailer

TrailRunning :

  • 122 km
  • in 5 steps

TrailRunning ou Trekking : 

  • 73km
  • in 5 steps
Silouhette de trailer

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Your bib adventure in hand

Concept :

  • A 5 day adventure raid in an organised setting with a passionate sporting atmosphere.
  • A sporting, cultural and emotional adventure.
  • A trail race designed by us for your greatest pleasure.
  • The crossing of a striking panorama at the rhythm of your strides.
  • A journey to be made either in TrailRunning or Trekking version.

Our Goal – Your Success :

  • To guarantee you a maximum of pleasure and timeless memories !


  • To accompany you in the success of this spectacular adventure, thanks to a solid organisation team that is close to its athletes.


  • To provide you with solid logistics:

    • The stages are marked out and checked prior to your arrival, with tape that we take care to remove after your passage.

    • A hotel of very good standing to allow you to recover properly and enjoy yourself.

    • Refreshments every 5-10 km including: mineral water, solid energy food, fresh fruit etc. (depending on availability)

With 6 raids carried out in Portugal,

NED wishes to renew the adventure after 3 years of absence in the Iberian Peninsula

After being elaborated, the itineraries and routes were checked and adjusted in the field, both by the Nature Extreme Development staff and our Portuguese correspondents in July 2021.

It is not just a race, it is a journey designed with care and passion.

Choice of courses :

  • Trail Course : A 122km course in the form of a timed individual race with classification. 
  • Trek Course : You also have the possibility of setting off on a gentler, non-timed 73km formula with shorter stages, while retaining the most beautiful scenery the Algarve and its famous Iberian peninsula has to offer (from 3.5km/h).

Itineraries :

They are given as an indication. They can be modified according to the weather conditions of the moment, technical criteria or the physical condition of the participants. In the last resort, the supervisor remains the sole judge of the programme, which he may adapt or modify for safety reasons.

The Algarviana Ultra Trail, the treasure of the far southwest of the old continent

5 steps program


Step 1
San Bartolomeu de Messines – Silves

Silouhette de trailer      

24,5km   11,5km

Step 2
Monchique – Marmelete

Silouhette de trailer      

21km   13km

Step 3

Silouhette de trailer      

22km   11km

Step 4
Marmelete – Bensafrim

Silouhette de trailer      

30km   16km

Step 5
Villa Do Bispo – Cabo San Vincente

Silouhette de trailer      

28km   14,5km

Choose you challenge !

Silouhette de trailer TrailRuning à partir de 5 km/h     TrailRuning ou Trekking à partir de 3,5 km/h

Departure authorised on the days following a withdrawal
(except for medical contraindication decided by the doctor).

Unforgettable encounters, great moments and a race engraved in your memories, that’s the promise we make to you !


Registration fee : €1 695

8 days and 7 nights stay


  • Limited to 50 participants
  • Minimum of 20 participants

The price includes :


  • Return flights (Paris – Faro)
  • Technical supervision by Nature Extreme Development
  • Full board accommodation during the whole stay
  • All refreshments during the stages
  • The various bus transfers

The price doesn’t includes :

  • Drinks other than those taken into account by Nature Extreme Development and more generally alcoholic drinks consumed during meals in restaurants.
  • Activities or visits other than those included in the programme.
  • Cancellation and repatriation insurance.

Field organisation

Stage markings :

The stages are all checked the week before the raid and the markings are made with red and white tape, which we take care to remove after your passage.

The refreshment and control points are announced by signs 1km before and the finish from km 5, every km. Systematic scoring is compulsory at each aid station.

Refreshments :

Every 8 km or so. The exact locations will be confirmed at the daily briefing the day before each stage. They include: mineral water (corked bottles), solid energy food (dried fruit, biscuits etc.), fresh fruit (mandarins, figs, oranges etc.) depending on availability.

Land :

This Ultra Trail requires the participants to be in good physical condition and the stages on tracks for the major part of the course offer a great variety of landscapes and types of terrain: hard and very rolling dirt track, very narrow single track, stony track, forest of cork oaks or eucalyptus, orange tree plantation, terraced cultivations, lakes and streams.

Assistance and security vehicles :

A vehicle is on the course for possible interventions, ready to deal with any possible problem.

We create your trips with passion and a taste for challenge.
you will come back with a wealth of adventures.

Accommodation & Meals

Accommodation :

The Raid that we propose in 5 stages having for axis the coast of the Algarve in the south of Portugal, the Algarviana is a raid in star starting from the hotel****: Jupiter Algarve – Praia Da Rocha of very high standing located at Portimao, in front of the beach (60km of Faro), swimming pool, space spa (option with your load) made up: a heated dynamic swimming pool with vertical Jacuzzi, waterfalls and water jets; Turkish bath; sauna; relaxation area and a variety of beauty treatments and massages to help you refocus your energies.

Portimao is one of the Algarve’s beautiful resorts, which in April retains its charm without the crowds of the summer.

For more information about the hotel: Jupiter Algarve Hotel

Temperature : 30° to 32° C

Meals :

  • Lunches, dinners and breakfasts :

Lunches will be taken together at the end of the stages and dinner at the hotel. The meals will be copious and of good quality. They will be composed essentially of vegetables, starchy foods, fish and meat, all of which are adapted to sporting efforts. They will be prepared in the hotel where we will be staying as well as in the local restaurants that will welcome us at the end of our stages.

  • Special dietary requirements :

Allergies, intolerances…: make sure you take with you the adapted dishes or food, as the accommodations do not always have the possibility to propose a specific kitchen.

You will remember :

  • A visit to the walled town of Silves.


  • The crossing of the highest point of the Algarve with its exceptional view


  • Passages along the famous cliffs of the Algarve, bordered by its enchanting beaches.


  • Panoramic views of the ocean during your journey.


  • From our passage to Cabo San Vicente, the extreme tip of Europe

“We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.
(Amerindian maxim taken up by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)