From the 04th to the 11th June 2022 

“A race in the mountains from authentic Albania from our beachside hotel”

Between the Albanian Alps and the Adriatic Sea

We offer you to run in the northern part of Albania, mountainous area east of the city of Shkoder. This Ultra Trail will consist of 5 stages of 20 to 25km each.
Starting from magnificent mountain ranges, followed by a succession of crossings of hamlets typical of deep Albania, for an assured change of scenery. We will transport you back decades with a village frozen in time. Between wild nature and small hamlets nestled at the feet of peaks of more than 2000 m of altitude, live isolated populations in winter and or in almost autarky.

8 days of trip

Silouhette de trailer

TrailRunning :

  • 117,5km
  • in 5 steps


TrailRunning or Trekking :

  • 68km
  • in 5 steps
Silouhette de trailer

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Your bib adventure in hand

Concept :

  • Realize an ultra trail with stages in 5 days, in an organized setting with an atmosphere of passionate athletes.
  • A sporting, cultural, and emotional adventure.
  • A Trail route designed by us for your greatest pleasure.
  • The crossing of a striking panorama to the rhythm of your strides.
  • A trip to be made either in TrailRunning version or in Trekking.

Our Goals – Your Success :

  • Guarantee you maximum pleasure, and timeless memories !

  • Accompany you in the success of this spectacular adventure, thanks to an organization Team of Nature Extreme Development


  • Ensure you a solid logistics :
    • A marking of the steps is carried out and verified before your arrival, with rubalise that we take care to remove after your passage.
    • A hotel of very good standing 4* to allow you to recover properly, and take the most pleasures.
    • A refueling every 8 km including : mineral water, solid energy food, fresh fruit etc. (subject to availability)

The Albania Adriatic ULTRA TRAIL was the subject of a very sharp recognition in October 2020.

The routes have been checked and adjusted in the field.

Choice of course : 

  • Trail Course : A 117.5km course in the form of a timed individual race with classification.

  • Trek Course : You also have the possibility to start on a more gentle formula (68km) with shorter stages, while preserving the most beautiful landscapes offered by wild Albania (from 3,5km/h).

It is not just a race,
It is a journey designed with care and passion.

Itinerary :

They are given as an indication. They can be modified according to the climatic conditions of the moment, the technical criteria or the physical condition of the participants. As a last resort, the supervisor remains the sole judge of the program that he can adapt or modify due to safety imperatives.

Adriatic Albanie Ultra Trail, the Treasure of Balkan Peninsula

5 Steps Program

Step 1

Silouhette de trailer      

25km   16,4km

Step 2
Ungrej Pass

Silouhette de trailer      

25km   14,5km

Step 3
Kaftac Kalivac Mnele

Silouhette de trailer      

25km   15km

Step 4
Prekal Pog

Silouhette de trailer      

25km   14km

Step 5
Gjader River

Silouhette de trailer      

22,5km   12km

Choose your challenge!

Silouhette de trailer   TrailRunning from 5km/h       TrailRunning or Trekking from 3,5km/h

Departure allowed on the following days of a dropout
(unless a contraindication by the doctor).

Unforgettable encounters, strong moments and an engraved race
in your memories, this is the promise we make to you !


Registration cost : 1 695 €

7 days and 7 nights stay

  • Limited to 80 participants
  • Start from 20 participants

The price includes :

  • Return flights (Paris-Tirana-Paris)
  • Technical supervision by Nature Extreme Development (NED)
  • Full board accommodation throughout the stay
  • All refueling during the stages
  • Different bus transfers
  • The day of sailing on Lake Koman

The does not includes :

  • Beverages other than those taken into account by NED agency and more generally alcoholic beverages consumed during meals in restaurants.
  • Activities or visits other than those provided for in the program.
  • Cancellation-repatriation insurance.

Field Structure

Stage marking :

The steps are all checked the week before the raid and the marking is done with red and white rubalise, which we take care to remove after your passage.
The refueling and control points are announced by signs 1km before and the arrival from the 5 km, every km. Mandatory systematic scoring at each refueling station.

Supplies :

Every 8 km approximately. The exact locations will be confirmed to you during the daily briefing the day before each stage. They include: mineral water (corked bottles), solid energy foods (dried fruits, biscuits etc.), fresh fruit (bananas, oranges etc.) subject to availability.

Nature of the land :

It is rolling and gentle throughout the trip, some passages remain technical without being insurmountable. The trails are all on hard earth, with few stones which do not necessarily require trail shoes. The trails are often shaded (50%).

Assistance vehicles and safety :

One or two vehicles are on the route for possible interventions, ready to overcome any possible problem.

“We create your travels by putting passion and a taste of challenge,
you will come back full of adventures.”

Accommodation & Meals

Accommodation :

Hotel GardenLand Resort (4*) is a hotel of very good standing. The welcome is very warm and the service of quality. Meals in the hotel are served in the form of buffets.

Meals :

  • Lunches, dinners and breakfasts :

Lunches will be taken together at the end of the stages and dinner at the hotel. The meals will be hearty and quality. They will be composed mainly of vegetables, starchy foods, chicken and meats quite adapted to sports efforts. Whether they are prepared at the hotel where we will stay as well as in the local restaurants welcoming us at the arrival of our stages.

  • Special diet :

Allergy, intolerance…: be sure to take with you the adapted dishes or foods, because the accommodations do not always have the possibility to offer a specific cuisine.

You will remember

  • Breathtaking landscapes between sea and mountains,

  • The crossing of authentic Albanian villages where time, seems stopped,

  • A meticulous organization offering you Security and discoveries,

  • Souvenir photos of your adventure.

« We do not inherit the land of our ancestors, We borrow it from our children. »
(Native American maxim taken by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)