Our Eco-Friendly commitment

Carbone Offset

As trailers and sportsmen as well as world travelers, we pay special attention to preserve our planet as best we can. In order to offset for the carbon impact of our air travel, we propose carbon offset for each air flight through the  GOODPLANET. (www.goodplanet.org ).

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism is one of the values of Nature Extrême Développement . In addition to carbon offset, we also carry out other actions for responsible tourism, and the agency has been a member since 2020 of the association ACT FOR RESPONSIBLE TOURISM (AGIR POUR UN TOURISME RESPONSABLE, ATR). (. (www.tourisme-responsable.org )

NED is signatories of the Charter “Acting for Responsible Tourism” listed below, and we also invite each of our travelers-runners to read and sign voluntarily the ethical charter of the traveler: https://www.tourisme-responsable.org/voyager-responsable/charte-ethique-voyageur/ so that all together participate at our level to this goal.

Charter « Act for Responsible Tourism » :

Aware that tourism activities often have beneficial effects on the development of destinations and populations visited, but that they can also have perverse and unwanted effects on the social, cultural and environmental balances of these countries, several tourism actors, particularly aware of these issues, have decided to work together.


Thus was born in March 2004, the Association Act for Responsible Tourism (Agir pour un Tourisme Responsible, ATR) whose ambition is :

  • Apply the guiding principles of sustainable development to the travel and tourism sector;
  • Formalise and to harmonize responsible professional practices in the social, economic, cultural and environmental fields;
  • Federate tourism professionals and encourage theirs exchanges in order to guarantee and promote their good tourism practices.


The tourism professionals, active members of the association, are involved in their actions; they affirm and implement the values of ATR in : 

  • Encouraging the development of quality and responsible tourism;
  • Promoting a fairer distribution of economic benefits among all travel stakeholders;
  • Respecting and enhancing the cultural and naturel heritage;
  • Providing clear and sincere information to travelers seeking authenticity, quality and respect for people and sites;
  • Participating in the actions of the collective.

 Because profit alone is not satisfactory and it is a question of sharing strong values based on respect, solidarity, quality; because in order to last, in the interests of all parties, tourism must be responsible ; ATR members are committed to make operational and profitable an ethical approach of progress for the sustainable development of tourism.


Active members of the ATR association must respect the following commitment:


1. Involving and respect the local populations in development
> applying the following principles:

  • Give priority at all levels, with equal competence, to local direct employment.
  • Focus on the use of local resources..
  • Encourage the transfer of skills.
  • Ensure that local social minimums are properly respected.
  • Comply with local administrative and legal rules.
  • Actively support the local development of its destinations.
  • Inform and sensitize visitors to respect the cultures of the host populations.
  • Sensitize its staff to respect the cultures of the host populations.


2. Minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment
> applying the following principles :

  • Implement a waste management policy.
  • Implement a natural resource management policy based on environmental sensitivity.
  • Encourage the preservation of local heritage.
  • Encourage the implementation of a destination-wide flow management policy.
  • Inform and sensitize visitors to respect the environment.
  • Sensitize its staff to the respect of the environment.
  • Actively contribute to the protection of the environment of its destinations.


3. Being respectful of its customers
> apply the following principles:

  • Have a responsible marketing policy.
  • Have a competent staff mobilized and trained.
  • Work with competent, mobilized, trained stakeholders and shared work values and principles  

4. Applying to oneself what is recommended to others
> apply the following principles: 

  • Tend toward an environmental management policy of its company.
  • Have a formalized quality control process within your company.
  • Set up a participatory management mode within his company.
  • Ensure equitable sharing of the benefits of the activity.
  • Establish a system of equitable sharing of the benefits of the activity. 

5. Promoting and make known ATR and Responsible Tourism
> apply the following principles :

  • Make known its membership in the association ATR on its publications.
  • Disseminate the travellers ‘ ethical charter to its customers.
  • Be supportive with the ATR association and its actions