Course TRANSCASAMANCE 138km de trail ou 72km de trekking

Transcasamance Ultra-trail

from the 5th to the 14th of February 2021

6 steps of Trail

for 138km of raid and show

through Senegal

“An authentic African adventure along the Casamance river”

from Coubalane to the bird island

An UltraTrail from village to village and at the pace of an unparalleled African culture, we have composed a striking and immersive race for you. More than a week of running by steps and show through the magnificence of a wild nature and under the shimmering colours of a sun that draws its reverence to the horizon of the river nourishing. Between palm groves, savannah, rice fields and mangroves, head towards the Ornithological Park of Birds discovering every day a new village and its inhabitants.

It’s not only a race we promise you, it’s a human adventure, authentic and a great varied landscape show.

Trip of 10 days

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TrailRunning : 

  • 138km
  • in 6 steps

TrailRunning or Trekking :

  • 72km
  • in 6 steps
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In the heart of savannah, from village to village, a change of scenery guaranteed.

Treat yourself to a memorable break through Senegal as you go off to meet a traditional population that will leave you with a matchless human adventure.

It is an incredible landscape that will parade in front of your eyes, through the Savannah, among fruit trees, rice fields, mangroves and myriad islands isolated in the heart of deep Africa, connecting every day a new village that will welcome you in typical camps at your disposal.

With the meeting of an authentic people, customs and traditions, and your meeting with the King of Oussouye welcoming you, all dressed in red, in front of his house in the sacred forest, it is not only a race with steps that we have reserved for you, it is an extraordinary adventure.

In the heart of the Ornithological Park of birds, pelicans, cormorants, ash herons, flamingos, eagles and other fish, snakes will definitely come to engrave your memories.

Welcome to the Transcasamance UltraTrail, come along the path of an unusual and outstanding story until your arrival in front of the Casamance Museum in Jilapao.


«We do not inherit the land of our ancestors, We borrow it from our children.»
(Maxime amérindienne reprise par Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

You will remember:

  • The joviality and spontaneity of a people whose customs and traditions have remained intact, the welcome of the villagers and the end of days around a fire under the sound of tam tam, with traditional dances.
  • Your meeting with the King of Oussouye in the sacred forest.
  • The canoe trips to take the start of each trip steps.

The small advantages of this trip: 

  • An exceptional route made thanks to our local partner close to the population (NGO working for street children).
  • The crossing of a little-known territory to the rhythm of your strides.
  • A careful organization offering you safety and discoveries.

It is not just a race, It is a journey designed with care and passion.

Our Eco-Friendly commitment

As trailers and sportsmen as well as world travellers, we pay special attention to preserving our planet as best we can.

In order to compensate for the carbon impact of our air travel, we propose carbon compensation for each flight through the GOODPLANET foundation.

We also attach particular importance to working fairly with our local partners, their staff and other stakeholders. Responsible tourism is one of our key values, and that is why we suggest that each participant read and sign the ATR organization traveller’s ethical charter.

Transcasamance Ultra-Trail, From Coubalane to the Bird Island

After a comfortable day of acclimatization under a temperature of 25 ° to 30°, departure in the direction of Coubalane to start this Trail consisting of 6 steps fluctuating from 20km to 27km on tracks and especially single tracks in laterite particularly suitable for running on foot. From village to village, this run on feet was developed thanks to close collaboration with local guides. It is a course without big technical difficulty, but an exceptional adventure alternating landscapes of deep bush, savannah and rice fields, all often framed by numerous bolongs and small ponds, paradise of birds. After nights in village camps and managed by the locals, every morning you will leave from the camp or after a small canoe trip on the Casamance River. Simple and authentic, the different camps and the welcome of the villagers are an integral part of this adventure that will remain engraved in your memories.

A unique experience for a real Trail race adventure .

Step 1

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25km   13km

Step 2

Silouhette de trailer   

21,5km   5km

Step 3

Silouhette de trailer   

24,8km   15km

Step 4

Silouhette de trailer   

26,7km   10km

Step 5
Cachouane Nikine

Silouhette de trailer   

20km   10,7km

Step 6
Afiniane Djilapao

Silouhette de trailer      

20km   11km

Choose your challenge!

Silouhette de trailer TrailRuning à partir de 5 km/h        TrailRuning ou Trekking à partir de 3,5 km/h   

Departure allowed on the following days of a dropout
(unless a contraindication by the doctor).

Registration cost: 2 550 € – Deadline for registration: 04th of January 2021

Unforgettable encounters, strong moments and an engraved race
in your memories, this is the promise we make to you!

The story of Transcasamance Ultra-Trail

This extraordinary event across the Savannah was first organized in 1998. Recognized in “Jakarta”, these small motorcycles very manoeuverable, it has gained wide success.
For several years Cathy and Serge MOREL had been planning to repeat the adventure of this overwhelming event. This second edition finally concretizes this project.

“We create your travels by putting passion and a taste of challenge,
you will come back full of adventures.”