Course TRANSCASAMANCE 138km de trail ou 72km de trekking

India Darjeeling Ultra-trail

from the 3rd to the 17th of April 2021

Postponed, new dates to come later

8 steps of Trail

for 175km of raid and show

through the North of India

“A colourful Indian Ultratrail of red, orange,
green and glacier white.”

From Siliguri to Darjeeling on the background of Himalayan peaks

It is a colourful and high in change UltraTrail adventure in Indian culture and in the culture of tea that we have prepared for you for this race that takes place in the northern reaches of India, in Sikkim and Darjeeling.
Discover a region out of the ordinary with this run on feet, where the word travelling takes all its meaning and all your senses. It is a varied landscape that will parade before your eyes throughout the stages with in the background of the highest peaks in the world.

Trip of 15 days

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TrailRunning :

  • 175km
  • 3720D+
  • 4530D-
  • in 8 steps

TrailRunning or Trekking :

  • 110km
  • 2930D+
  • 2460D-
  • in 8 steps
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A colorful Indian Ultratrail of red, orange, green and glacier white

From the tea fields of Darjeeling facing the impressive chain of the 8000, this stay promises you a festival of contrasting colours, change of scenery and varied discoveries of North India. We have arranged for you a stay around three authentic cities, Siliguri, Kalimpong and Darjeeling.

Indian in colourful Saris, rice fields, pineapple fields, temples, giant bamboo and rhododendron forests, elephant passages, and tea-planted Hills, this trip will leave you a incredible memory of your immersion at the foot of the Himalayas.

Kalimpong, starting point of many trekking and built on the steep slopes of the foothills of the Himalayas, as well as Darjeeling, the world capital of tea, where you will board the folk Darjeeling Himalayan Railway with in the background the summit of Kangchenjunga (8598m), one of the highest in the world.

Welcome to India in a unique territory with shimmering colours.


« We do not inherit the land of our ancestors,We borrow it from our children. »
(Native American maxim taken by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

You will remember:

  • The lush vegetation, your forest crossing, the contrasting green of the tea plantations with the traditional clothes.
  • Your final arrival of the Raid in front of the huge statue of the goddess Shiva with your right hand raised.
  • The award ceremony in Sandakpu at 3600m above sea level in front of the Himalayan chain.

The small advantage of this trip: 

  • An exceptional route realized thanks to the privileged contacts with our local teams.
  • The crossing of a breath-taking panorama to the rhythm of your strides.
  • A careful organization offering you safety and discoveries.

It is not just a race, It is a journey designed with care and passion.

Our Eco-Friendly commitment

As trailers and sportsmen as well as world travellers, we pay special attention to preserving our planet as best we can.

In order to compensate for the carbon impact of our air travel, we propose carbon compensation for each flight through the GOODPLANET foundation.

We also attach particular importance to working fairly with our local partners, their staff and other stakeholders. Responsible tourism is one of our key values, and that is why we suggest that each participant read and sign the ATR organization traveller’s ethical charter.

India Darjeeling Ultra-trail, from Siliguri to the world tea capital

We offer you to run in the hills of Sikkim in front of the impressive chain of 8000. It is on 3 regions that this Raid takes place: Siliguri (2 steps of plain at 150m altitude) Kalimpong (2 steps between 1600m and 2200m altitude) thenDarjeeling (4 steps at 2300m altitude).

This staggering will allow a gentle acclimatization before the stages of Darjeeling, which will be more difficult and on sometimes stony dirt tracks, a more “mountain” terrain however safe and without any precipice or Himalayan bridge.

The final arrival of the Raid will be unforgettable in front of the enormous status of the goddess with the right hand raised concludes this formidable Himalayan tour. In Darjeeling, the world’s capital of tea, we have planned a short tour aboard the must-see folk Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, then a prize-giving in Sandakpu at 3600m above sea level facing Kanchenjunga.

Step 1

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22km   16,4km


Step 2
Changa Bridge

Silouhette de trailer     

23km     14,7km

Step 3
Grumba Dara 

Silouhette de trailer     

22km   12km

1100D+   590D+

450D-   480D-

Step 4

Silouhette de trailer     

24km   12km

910D+   790D+

330D-   80D-

Step 5
3 Miles Bazar

Silouhette de trailer     

21km   12km

450D+   450D+

950D-   100D-

Step 6
Rhododendrons Forest

Silouhette de trailer     

23,5km   15,8km

310D+   310D+

400D-   400D-

Step 7
Tea Plantation

Silouhette de trailer     

21km   16km

520D+   520D+

970D-   300D-

Step 8
Shiva Temple

Silouhette de trailer     

19km   10,5km

430D+   270D+

1400D-   1100D-

Choose your challenge!

Silouhette de trailer TrailRuning from 5 km/h        TrailRuning or Trekking from 3,5 km/h   

Departure allowed on the following days of a dropout
(unless a contraindication by the doctor).

Registration cost: 3 960 € – Deadline of registration: 01rst of March 2021

Unforgettable encounters, strong moments and an engraved race
in your memories, this is the promise we make to you!

The story of the India Darjeeling Ultra-Trail

NED has already organized 11 Raids in India, an extraordinary memory for all. Indian partner friends had often convinced to come to discover the Sikkim mountains, this is finally planned at planning 2021.

“We create your travels by putting passion and a taste of challenge,
you will come back full of adventures.”