96-61km-5etapes Maltes Gozo Islands

Malta & Gozo Islands Utra-Trail

From the 22th to the 29th of August 2020

5 steps of Trail

for 96km of raid and show

through the is lands of Malta

“Technical paths in a heavenly setting”

At the cros sroad of the mediterranean

The wild coast of Malta and its sister island Gozo

At the heart of the enchanting archipelago crossroads of civilizations since the Romans and Phoenicians, combine Trail and beach stay with star run on stages from Paradise Bay. Single tracks on the island of Malta and wild stages after transport by boat on the island of Gozo, it is a delicious program that we reserve you for this first edition UltraTrail in the heart of the Mediterranean.

8 days trip

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TrailRunning :

  • 96km
  • 2840D+
  • 2910D-
  • in 5 steps

TrailRunning or Trekking :

  • 61km
  • 1740D+
  • 1680D-
  • in 5 steps
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Take the rocky coasts of the famous Mediterranean archipelago with an UltraTrail

From the Baroque buildings of Mdina to the hidden beaches of Ramla, Malta, this small part of Africa, mixing East and West invites you to contemplation.

Between Malta and Gozo, where the UltraTrail stages take place and their coasts falling vertically on the sea by spectacular cliffs, it is a procession of grandiose and technical routes, along coastal paths, that await you to make you live a memorable adventure.

On the Trail program, many paradise beaches sometimes secret, all of white sand, such as Golden Bay, Paradise Bay and Xlendi Bay, coves and typical villages.

Welcome to the smallest state in the European Union and literally in the center of the Mediterranean world. With a warm population and a mild climate, Malta is a treat for all senses. We invite you to embark on a unique Trail journey combining sports activities, beaches, culinary specialties, historical sites or nightlife.

map voyage

« We do not inherit the land of our ancestors,
We borrow it from our children. »
(Native American maxim taken by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

You will remermber:

  • Coves and paradisiacal beaches.
  • Natural treasures of Gozo, an island that remained authentic and wild.
  • From boat routes to the stages of Gozo.
  • Of your “After-Race” lunches facing the Mediterranean.

The small advantages of this trip:

  • A technical route and carefully composed to feed your taste of the challenge.
  • The opportunity to combine sports and seaside holidays.
  • A careful organization offering you safety and discoveries.

It is not just a race, It is a journey designed with care and passion.

Our Eco-Friendly commitment

As trailers and sportsmen as well as world travellers, we pay special attention to preserving our planet as best we can. In order to compensate for the carbon impact of our air travel, we propose carbon compensation for each flight through the GOODPLANET Foundation.
We also attach particular importance to working fairly with our local partners, their staff and other stakeholders. Responsible tourism is one of our key values, and that is why we suggest that each participant read and sign the ATR organization traveller’s ethical charter.

Malta & Gozo Ultra-Trail,
Between the island of Malta and its wild sister Gozo

In order to allow you time to absorb the mild Mediterranean climate, it is with a visit to MDINA and RABAT that the Trail journey begins on this Maltese terrain that happens to be a highlight of hiking, mountain biking and running.

Most of the UltraTrail stages take place on single tracks, never dangerous, often on the edge of high cliffs, with an open view. Between coastal paths, rock bars, beaches, and crossing of several typical villages, some steps may seem short but they take place on a demanding terrain, very technical and require attention.

An alternation of course between Malta and Gozo for a magnificent challenge.
Afternoon to enjoy the Paradise Bay hotel.

Step 1
Paradise Bay

Silouhette de trailer           

20,5km   15,5 km

510D+   410D+

460D-   320D-

Step 2
Xlendi Bay

   Silouhette de trailer          

24km    14,5 km

670D+   410D+

670D-   410 D-

Golden Bay

   Silouhette de trailer        

18km   10km

570D+   250 D+

690D-   250D+

Step 4
Gozo, East Cost
and Qala

Silouhette de trailer        

12km   7km

470D+   450D+

470D-   390D-

Step 5
The whole of

  Silouhette de trailer         

20,5km   12,5km

740D+   220D+

620D-   310D-

Choose your challenge!

Silouhette de trailer TrailRuning from 5 km/h        TrailRuning or Trekking from 3,5 km/h   

Departure allowed on the following days of a dropout

(unless a contraindication by the doctor).

Registration cost: 1 750 € – Deadline for registration: 21th of July 2020

unforgettable encounters, strong moments and an engraved race in your memories, this is the promise we make to you!

The world of Serge, designer of the event

“It will be the 1st raid organized in Malta. During the preparation and recognition, I was seduced by the sublime landscapes of beaches and cliffs plunging into the blue Mediterranean. We concocted great wild stages on Gozo, while preserving time to enjoy the beautiful hotel for sunbathing.”

“We create your travels by putting passion and a taste of
challenge, you will come back full of adventures.”