195-118km-8etapes Bhoutan Himalayan

Bhutan Himalaya secret ultra-trail

from the 20th of March to the 06th of April 2021

8 steps of Trail

for 195km of raid and show

through Bhutan

“Discover Bhutan’s secret paradise as you race
through the mythical Himalayas”

at the kingdom of happiness of the Punakha Rivers
to Taktshang monastery

It is an unusual Trail that has been designed for you in the heart of the small preserved kingdom between India, China, and Nepal. An UltraTrail race through the wonders of Bhutan, a unique adventure to live in a traditional country full of surprises.

The pace of strides under the impressive peaks between rice fields, temples and peaks, this long adventure will leave you an indelible memory. Two-day stay in Kathmandu at the end of the trip.

Trip of 18 days

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TrailRunning :

  • 195km
  • 5376D+
  • 6546D-
  • in 8 steps

TrailRunning or Trekking :

  • 118km
  • 3326D+
  • 3340D-
  • in 8 steps
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Take the path of an earthly paradise

Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, unspoiled and off the beaten track, this small kingdom holds countless surprises to you.

As small as Switzerland, renowned for its beautiful landscapes and the legendary kindness of its inhabitants, Bhutan is world-famous for its original economic development that puts the preservation of the environment, the promotion of sustainable development and the happiness of citizens at the center of everything, gross national happiness, GNH, an economic indicator competing with GDP.

Cut off from the rest of the world by its Himalayan border mountains, this never-colonized country protects itself from mass tourism by introducing a quota and a tourist tax (which has the consequence of impacting the price of travel).

With its very special environment atmosphere and atmosphere, its countless encounters and all smiles, its temples built in an unlikely balance in remote places unimaginable, this small Himalayan country offers a must-see and regenerating haven of peace.

An exclusive and limited adventure,
Welcome to Bhutan, the country of happiness !

Bhoutan Himalaya carte du monde

«We do not inherit the land of our ancestors, We borrow it from our children.»
(Maxime amérindienne reprise par Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

You will remember:

  • Himalayan mountains throughout your journey.
  • Your end-of-race meal with the monks of Ngeylung Monastery.
  • Your way on the Dochula Pass.
  • Taktsang, The Lair of The Tiger, a high place of Buddhism.
  • The 2 days in Kathmandu.

The small advatange of this trip: 

  • An exceptional route realized thanks to the privileged contacts with our local teams.
  • The crossing of a gripping Kingdom to the rhythm of your strides.
  • A careful organization offering you safety and discoverie.

It is not just a race,
It is a journey designed with care and passion.

Our Eco-Friendly commitment

As trailers and sportsmen as well as world travellers, we pay special attention to preserving our planet as best we can.

In order to compensate for the carbon impact of our air travel, we propose carbon compensation for each flight through the GOODPLANET foundation.

We also attach particular importance to working fairly with our local partners, their staff and other stakeholders. Responsible tourism is one of our key values, and that is why we suggest that each participant read and sign the ATR organization traveller’s ethical charter.

Bhutan Himalayan Secret Ultra-Trail,
from Punakha Rivers to the monastery of Taktshang

From West to East at a height between 1240m and 3540m it is a race on 3 distinct regions that awaits its participants. Punakha, Bhumtang around Jakar and finally Pobjikha, allowing you to discover the different faces of this multifaceted country.

After a gentle acclimatization of 2 days, it is a succession of mythical sites that is about to march in front of your eyes, fortresses, monasteries and temples being an integral part of the Bhutanese landscape. Crossings of out-of-time villages, crossings on Himalayan bridges, single tracks crossing rice fields and along the river, a succession of temples and chorten, to end in beauty: the crossing to the dzong (Monastery) of Punakha, one of the most beautiful in Bhutan and this by a suspension bridge 300m long!

Interspersed with visits to high places of interest in Bhutan, the raid ends with a mythical meal with monks in the monastery, an ending that remains etched in memory. The UltraTrail race is over, place a few days of extraordinary tourism, with the passage of the spectacular pass of Dochula, the legendary Taktsang Monastery nicknamed “The Tiger’s Den”, and two days of visit to Kathmandu in Nepal to close this memorable stay.

Step 1
Punakha River

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27km   15,5km

456D+   416D+

400D-   400D-

Step 2
Djachhu Valley

Silouhette de trailer       

24,6km   12km

790D+   370D+

790D-   790D-


Silouhette de trailer       

22km   12km

1310D+   780D+

120D-   60D+

Step 4
Chankhar Valley

Silouhette de trailer      

27km   14km

480D+   110D+

480D-   230D-

Step 5
Palace Tang

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21,5km   15,5km

340D+   240D+

340D-   280D-

Step 6
Ura Valley

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24km   16km

490D+   310D+

750D-   510D-

Phobjika Valley


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27,5km   18km

1030D+   690D+

1030D-   630D-

Step 8
of Ngeylung

Silouhette de trailer       

21,5km   15km

480D+   410D+

480D-   440D-

Choose your challenge!

Silouhette de trailer  TrailRunning from 5km/h       TrailRunning or Trekking from 3,5km/h

Departure allowed on the following days of a dropout
(unless a contraindication by the doctor).

Registration cost: 4 860 € – Deadline for registration: 31th of July 2020

Unforgettable encounters, strong moments and an engraved race
in your memories, this is the promise we make to you!

The story of Kingdom of Bhoutan UltraTrail

The 2012 edition was such a success that it was a source for Cathy and Serge, the founders of NED, to renew this event that offers its participants the privilege of surpassing themselves in unpublished and preserved places.

“We create your travels by putting passion and a taste of challenge,
you will come back full of adventures.”