Our value offer

We are passionate about sport, the challenge, the “competition”, but we design our events with many other ingredients, at the borders of sport, travel, discovery and sharing.

NED events might « check all the following boxes »:


  • A challenging running activity

    that you remove a real sporting pride to have succeeded this adventure.


  • A running activity that allows all levels to succeed the challenge

    with hourly barriers to race at an affordable pace, the opportunity to start the next day if you do not finish a stage, and with a course “B” for walkers / companions / or runners not timed.


  • Memorable landscapes

    that the natural spectacle is a fundamental aspect of our shopping trips.


  • Paths that have a history and/or notoriety

    while also taking the time to discover and associate culture and experience sharing.


  • Memorable meetings

    with local and authentic meetings based on place and history, and of course also between runners, travelers and organization.


  • A friendly and professional organization

    that is an integral part of the trip, bringing together our local partners, our permanent team, and our volunteer team.


  • Special attention to safety

    each test is prepared with special attention to your safety, with a French doctor on each destination and a satellite phone.


  • Eco-Friendly trip

    on the one hand compensated carbon for limiting on the voluntary mode, and also by being members of the association ATR (Act for a Responsible Tourism)

Nous composons vos voyages en y mettant de la passion et le goût du défi, vous en reviendrez riche d’aventures.